Riverlands Heritage Tour in Redberry Lake Biosphere Region

Riverlands Heritage Tour

Take a drive back in time and explore the unique settler history along the North Saskatchewan River between the Petrofka Bridge and Wingard Ferry.  Indigenous Peoples, Métis, Russian Doukhobors, Ukrainians and more shaped this land and contributed to a rich cultural history like no where else in Saskatchewan!

The Riverlands Heritage Preservation Region tour is about 30 KM around the full circuit and takes about 4 hours to drive and view the sites. The time varies, of course, depending on how long visitors spend at the various sites along the way. While the first site on the tour route is #1 at Blaine Lake, the tour can be started anywhere along the route. Coming from Saskatoon, Petrofka makes a great starting point. Coming from Prince Albert, the town of Marcelin is a good place to start.

For more information visit https://riverlandsheritageregion.ca/



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