The Redberry Lake Biosphere Region is home to the most extensive boreal-grassland transition zone in the world, the Aspen Parkland Ecoregion. This diverse biome is filled with tall, towering balsam poplar, trembling aspens and oak groves along with beautiful, rolling open plains. Plants and wildlife from two different ecosystems live here, making it a unique place to explore the great outdoors. Many parks, wildlife lands and nature trails make it easy to experience this rare Saskatchewan area and its finest flora and fauna!

  • Species in the Region

    Our biosphere is home to an abundance of species. Take a walk down a road or in the woods and you may spot birds flying high against the stark blue sky, a deer running through the open plains, a moose meandering through the aspen trees or stumble across bright red edible berries while hiking through the bush.

    Biodiversity is evident in the number of plants and animals that live in the RLBR. Types of species include a high number of rare birds such as the American White Pelican, Whooping Cranes and others using the RLBR as a pit stop while travelling migratory routes. Consequently, The Redberry Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary is an important part of the region. This highly avian environment has helped create a special place for birder’s near and far to visit. In addition to birds, many other wild plants and creatures can also be found here.

    In particular, wild edibles such as berries are commonly found in the Aspen Parkland environment. Though the sweet, tart taste of them in peak ripeness may be tempting for us humans, we must remember that they are a food source for animals too. We like to follow the “click before you pick” motto (since some berries may also be poisonous).  This ensures foraging folk are leaving enough for everyone to enjoy and are also respecting the Indigenous land they are picking from. We ask that you take some time to learn about proper foraging techniques, ask an elder and look up proper protocol by “clicking” the websites listed in the document below for more info before you go and “pick”.

    Want to know what other species live here? Check out our partial list by clicking below. If you know of other species not included in this list, contact us! We would be happy to add them to the document.

  • Wildlife Habitat Lands

    The RLBR has 9 different areas designated as wildlife habitat lands.


    Managed by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (purchased with funds from trapping and hunting licenses), the lands are not reserves or sanctuaries, rather, they are natural areas that can be used by everyone: hunters, bikers, hikers, bird watchers and photographers. Naturally hunting is allowed on the lands but in order to keep them intact the following rules must be followed:


    • Walk-in traffic only (except when retrieving big game during hunting season)
    • Walk-in camping only- no open fires;
    • No littering
    • No interference with an authorized management treatment (e.g., haying or grazing)


    Find out more by clicking here .

  • Parks and Recreation

    The Redberry Lake Biosphere Region is an outdoor enthusiasts playground!


    The region is host to the following: parks, hiking & biking trails, lakes, camping, fishing, hunting and so much more!