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Welcome to
Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

The Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve (RLBR) is one of 18 biosphere reserves in Canada – and the only one in Saskatchewan. We invite all our visitors to browse in our website and to get a lot of handy information.

Find out more about us, our different projects and how you can participate! Or see the different ways to enjoy the uniqueness of our Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.

We hope you get all the information you are looking for. If you miss anything or you want to give us feedback, please contact us any time!

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News Archive 2013/14 & 2011/12

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Finding solutions for AG plastics in the RLBR

RLBR is finding innovative solutions to recover AG plastics such as grain bags from our landfills. These plastics can be converted into sustainable packaging materials that can be used for SK AG commodities, such as peas and lentils going to global export markets.