Come visit us throughout Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter!

Our biosphere region is full of fun and interesting things to see and do.


The land awakens…

The sun begins to shine brighter and longer in the blue prairie sky, while tiny creatures and plants appear through the snowmelt to say hello.  Cracking ice echoes across the landscape and the rivers and lakes spring back to life after a long, cold winter. For many animals in the region, deep slumbers in dens are replaced by outside adventures and fresh air, while birdsong can happily be heard along migration routes. Farmers also begin to migrate but this time back to their fields, for the seasonal work of tending to the soil is underway. It is a fantastic time to visit the region before the hustle and bustle of summer begins.



The region is bustling with activity in summertime!

Artists host tours and farmers’ fields are abundant.  Hikers, nature enthusiasts, birders, campers and explorers all come here to enjoy and learn more about the region. Greeted by rolling prairie with small patches of natural mixed grass, open landscapes, amazing skies, and a vast variety of birds and wildlife, plentiful adventures await.

Photo 1, 3 & 4: Redberry Lake Regional Park


Autumn begins when the harvest moon
rises in the night sky.

Hunters look forward to providing sustenance for the cold prairie winter ahead, and crops are gathered to be shared with family and friends. Though summer visitors have been and gone, fall is still a glorious time to visit the region. Fallen leaves blanket the ground in golden, red and orange hues. Livestock move to winter pasture and frosty mornings are a welcomed sight from boreal bugs. Shops retreat from the busy-ness and cozy cafes replace their menus with warm drinks and hearty meals. The perfect time to get to know the rural, Saskatchewan locals and their communities.



Calm, quiet and peaceful adventures are just around the corner…

Migrating birds have flown away and animals begin to crawl into their caves and dens to hibernate. This is the perfect season to go skiing or snowshoeing and watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dance in the night sky!

Photo 1 & 2: Jenna Englot

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Biosphere Region’s in the prairie provinces? Experience, explore and discover them all!


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