On Tuesday August 14, approximately 25 people gathered for a workshop held at Spiritwood by the Redberry Lake Watershed AEGP and the Parkland AEGP. The day started out at the Spiritwood Stockyards where Jeremy Brown, Agrologist with Saskatchewan Watershed Authority presented a number of different remote and portable winter and summer water systems. The group then toured the Spiritwood AESB pasture where Pasture Manager, Blake Coutts, talked about integrated brush control and winter water systems.  The next stop was a Ducks Unlimited Canada(DUC) pasture near Alticane where Dave O’Bertos, Agrologist with DUCs, described their method of integrated brush control on their pasture. The day ended with a number of door prizes from Spiritwood Co-op, R&L Feeds in Spiritwood, PICKSEEDS, and PCAB. Lunch was sponsored by Anderson Pumphouse in North Battleford and Transportation by Cavalier Agro in Spiritwood. Due to the rain and wet conditions we were unable to visit all of the planned sights, so thanks to all who came on the tour and braved the rain!