The region is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, campsites, hotels, motels and unique places to stay!


Discover which town bakes the best muffin or where to try traditional, local foods. Take delight in waking up to the smell of warm, fresh cinnamon buns while staying in a beautiful handcrafted cabin. Whether you find yourself falling asleep beneath the night sky, or catching up with friends and family at a small town B&B, relaxation, exploring and eating delicious food awaits while visiting the picturesque Aspen Parkland!


Within the region you will meet many amazing food artisans, chefs, farmers’ and bakers’. Sip on a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee, enjoy bannock cooked over an open fire, try some Ukrainian pierogies or a Chinese/Canadian noodle bowl. Experience the unique opportunity to learn the stories and traditions of our ever growing food network within our local communities. Your tastebuds will thank you. 


Set up your tent in the woods beneath a star-lit sky, rest at a quaint motel in a small rural town or immerse yourself in a weekend get-away at an eco-lodge or cabin. There are numerous places to get to know and stay at in the RLBR.

Photo 1: Christopher Farrugia on unsplash / Photo 2: Jason Leung on unsplash / Photo 3 &4: Petrofka Orchard

Photo 1: Skullback Studios / Photo 2: Redberry Lake Regional Park / Photo 3: Skullback Studios / Photo 4: Reiley Ridge