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Executive Director
Phone: (306) 549-2360


Associate Project Manager
Phone: (306) 549-2360


Board of Executives
Peter Kingsmill Chair
Larry Hawrysh Vice-Chair
Chris Gonda Secretary
Larissa Matechuk Treasurer
Board of Governors
Gary Nickel Councillor for RM of Great Bend
Nick Partyka Reeve for RM of Douglas
Marc Brochu Councillor for RM of Meeting Lake
Doug Herring Reeve for RM of Redberry
Ron Kowalchuk Mayor Town of Hafford
Stan Novicki Appointed by Town of Hafford
Chris Gonda Appointed by RM of Redberry
Eugene Sass Appointed by Redberry Lake Regional Park
Larissa Matechuk UNESCO - Education Sector
Larry Hawrysh (CBRA Rep) UNESCO - Culture Sector
Peter Kingsmill UNESCO - Science Sector
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Finding solutions for AG plastics in the RLBR

RLBR is finding innovative solutions to recover AG plastics such as grain bags from our landfills. These plastics can be converted into sustainable packaging materials that can be used for SK AG commodities, such as peas and lentils going to global export markets.

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