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The heart or 'core area' of today’s Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve is Redberry Lake itself. This saline lake got its name for the red berries growing here: Silver and Canada Buffaloberry, Prairie, Prickly and Wood’s Rose and Hawthorn. In late summer and fall masses of those berries appear around the lake. Some of them are excellent for making jelly – here is a good recipe!
However, the lake’s history as a protected area dates back to 1915 where it was established as a federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary. The high avian and natural value of the area gained an international reputation, and in 1998 Redberry Lake became an Important Bird Area (IBA).

American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos)
American White Pelican
(Pelecanus erythrorhynchos)

In the meantime another society was formed to protect nesting colonies of the American White Pelican and to conserve biodiversity and natural history. Representatives from the local community and others founded The Redberry Pelican Project (Canada) Foundation (RPP). Eleven years later, in 2000, the entire Redberry Lake watershed received designation as a World Biosphere Reserve – the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve was born.

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Finding solutions for AG plastics in the RLBR

RLBR is finding innovative solutions to recover AG plastics such as grain bags from our landfills. These plastics can be converted into sustainable packaging materials that can be used for SK AG commodities, such as peas and lentils going to global export markets.