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Vivid Fall Colours in the Biosphere Reserve
Vivid Fall Colours in the Biosphere Reserve

About Biosphere Reserves:

Other helpful information:

  • EcoFriendly Sask gathers news and stories on the environmental front in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan and passes it on via blog, Facebook, and Twitter to raise awareness, educate, and encourage.

  • Fly Sask provides a map of imagery of Saskatchewan to pan and zoom or search for specific areas

  • Hinterland Who’s Who offers descriptions of wildlife, discussions on issues, actions to help wildlife, and educational materials that teachers and group leaders can use

  • Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching offers comprehensive information about birding - from choosing the right binoculars to finding and identifying birds. Thanks to Nicole and her class from Catholic Memorial School for sharing this article with us

  • The Meewasin Valley Authority (Saskatoon) undertakes programs and projects in river valley education, development and conservation

  • Nature Conservancy Canada partners with corporate and individual landowners to achieve the direct protection of Canada’s most important natural treasures through property securement

  • Nature Saskatchewan provides the cultural link by which people are inspired, gain knowledge of and ultimately enjoy and protect the natural world around them

  • Redberry Lake Regional Park features bird watching, sailing, golfing, swimming, camping or just a leisure walks to enjoy the view

  • Saskatchewan's Representative Areas Network (Ran) provides information on each of the designated Representative Area Ecological Reserves and Special Management Areas sites, acceptable uses, prohibited uses and a general map

  • Saskatchewan Agri-Environmental Mapping Initiative (Sask Agri-Map) is an interactive GIS mapping website that will provide the agricultural community in Saskatchewan with a central source of geospatial information

  • The Saskatchewan Trails Association promotes the development and use of recreational trails throughout Saskatchewan

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Finding solutions for AG plastics in the RLBR

RLBR is finding innovative solutions to recover AG plastics such as grain bags from our landfills. These plastics can be converted into sustainable packaging materials that can be used for SK AG commodities, such as peas and lentils going to global export markets.

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