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Hiking at Redberry Lake

Redberry Lake Discovery Trail

Insect Hotel at Redberry Lake Discovery Trail
Insect Hotel at Redberry Lake Discovery Trail

IMAGINE: You take your family, friends or just yourself on a very special hike. You find a well maintained and marked trail where you can play a tree symphony and listen to the sound of different wood types, where you can watch the guests at an insect hotel, where you feel the softness and warmth of sand, the cold of stones and the funny shape of pine cones on your bare feet. On the displays at each station you can read and learn about nature’s secrets and if you are lucky you can see some wildlife!

Download instructions for building your own miniature Insect Hotel and nest box plans for Chickadee, Mountain Bluebird, Saw-Whet Owl, American Kestrel and a Bat House.

Currently we are raising funds to extend and complete this first self-guided and educational walking trail of its kind in the Biosphere Reserve.

If you want to help establish this unique Discovery Trail, please contact us. We are looking for your contribution as volunteer or as sponsor to make this happen. A detailed project description, promotional plan, timeline, budget plan, sponsorship levels and form of recognition are available upon request.

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Please visit the Redberry Lake Trail Association's website for more information about the Discovery Trail.

Millenium Point Hiking Trail (easy walking)

How to get there: On Hwy. 40 follow the signs to Redberry Lake Regional Park and to the Research and Education Centre of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. GPS: 52.713289,-107.214152

Millenium Point
Millenium Point

Start: 100 meters north of the Centre – look for the trail sign.
Length in total: 3.4 km (return)
Duration: 45 minutes

Hike along the lake through red berry bushes and the marsh. Interpretive displays show the animals and plants who live here.
A raised platform provides a nice look over the marsh. End up at the beacon and navigation light in Millenium Point Harbour. The white beacon there marks the conservation core of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. Download map

Grassland Golf Course Walking Trail (moderate walking)

View over the Golf Course
View over the Golf Course

How to get there: On Hwy. 40 follow the signs to Redberry Lake Regional Park and to the Golf Course. Park your car in front of the Golf Course Club House.
GPS: 52.71941,-107.210166

Start: Behind Golf Club House (Park maintenance area)
Length in total: 2 km (loop)
Duration: 30 minutes

Take the mowed path through mixed grass to enjoy the lookout over the lake. Continue the loop through mature aspen woods and return along the 8th and 9th hole fairways of the golf course. Download map

Lookout Trail (moderate walking)

Enjoy the Scenic View over Redberry Lake
Enjoy the Scenic View over Redberry Lake

How to get there: On Hwy. 40 follow the signs to Redberry Lake Regional Park. But instead of turning left to the Regional Park entrance drive straight on. Follow the road for about 2 kilometers until you arrive at a right hand bend (there is a farm on the left hand side). Turn left here and follow the road for 3.3 kilometers. Before the road turns right, park your vehicle on the left hand side at the edge of a field. GPS: 52.667592,-107.237875

Length in total: 1.5 km (return)
Duration: 20 minutes

Walk up the hill and enjoy the beautiful lookout on Redberry Lake and its Islands as you arrive the top. If you are lucky you can also see some wildlife in the valley.

Hiking in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Region

Crooked Bush (easy walking)

How to get there: Past Speers on Hwy. 40 to Flint Road and follow the sign "Crooked Bush". GPS 52.870979,-107.537538

Start: At the parking lot at the sign saying "Friends of the Crooked Bush".
Length in total: 200 meters (loop)
Duration: 10 minutes

Walk along a boardwalk and admire these wild aspen trees. They do not grow straight up like normal trees but rather stay twisted, looped and bent. A display explains some of the theories about what made the trees grow like this. Bring a lunch! There is a picnic table on the site.

Crooked Bush Beautiful in every Season
Crooked Bush
Beautiful in every Season







For more details about the nature and wildlife along Redberry Lake, please download our flyer "Hiking 101. An informative Guide for Redberry Lake’s Hiking Trails".

You have another favorite spot or hiking trail within the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve? We would love to hear or read about it!

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